Why The 1969–1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Was So Great!

Mach 1 model 428 cobra jet was commensurate with a V8 engine with a few visual and performance improvement additions. The greatness of the vehicle can be derived from the improvements on the performance enhancing additions that could not have been replicated in the previously famous GT model. According to the owner of  http://www.automotivesupercenter.com, the greatness of the model can be derived from the competition suspension that placed the model at the same level as the professional performance models. 

The models was also a beauty for the people involved in the view of their vehicles. The models had an open pop gas cap made from chrome. Other additions that made the model so great include the revised wheels made at the Goodyear factory. The wheels also came with chrome wheels which made the model more likeable than any other model in its class at the time. Other exterior additions that made the models so popular include the chrome tail pipes. These pipes made the model extremely popular among the sport enthusiasts of the time.

In addition to the expeller performance of the model, the manufacturing and design team added a deluxe interior made of leather, spoilers and louvers on the rear window. The above additions set the vehicle apart from the majority of the competitors. The models was capable of presenting the aggressive front as well as the other qualities related to beauty. The vehicle was both capable of perming as an appealing model as well as an aggressive machine on the road.

The model came in 5.8 liter engine coupled with a 3 speed manual transmission. Other options include the 6.4 liter engine and the 7 liter engine that had the option of adding Ramair.  Other options that made the model great include the 7 liter super cobra model with an optional automatic engine. Various upgrades to the suspension made the model exceptionally unique for the customers. The vehicle models enabled extreme performance that cannot be replicated in any other model of the time